NSFW games giveaway

Well, it seems like our friends at J-List are giving away some NSFW games this time around from their partnership with Kagura Games. If you and your right hand are feeling lonely, this is something to check out: link.

Before you ask, yes, these posts are sponsored and they do help HS run for free!

Valentine (?) Giveaway for You Lonely People

Our friends at J-List are doing another giveaway. This time it’s some pretty interesting pikachu goods (see banner). You can get a signed Pikachu plushie by the VA of Ash or a Pikachu bikini to give to your loved one for Valentine’s day. Loved one. You guys. Get it? I think I’m beating a dead horse here.

Check it out here. Oh, and they’re also having a Valentine’s sale for stuff you can pleasure yourself with. How very thoughtful!

Massive Christmas giveaway! Greatest ever! Very great!

Maybe our friends at J-List won the lottery or something since it seems like they’re incredibly generous lately. Well, I guess Christmas is happening soon. Click here to enter the vanilla giveaway. They’re giving out stuff to many winners this time. 1x $200 figure and 2x $100 figures are among many more prizes.

With $200, you can get: Sakurajima Mai (best girl this season btw), Jeanne, Mash, or Asuna.

Oh, that’s not all. There’s also an adult version of the giveaway: click here to enter the 18+ giveaway. Make sure you’re actually 18+ or else I can get into trouble.